Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jon and Holly Are Expecting!

This sweet family is expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks and I am so excited for them! I have photographed Jon and Holly during some very important times in their lives from their engagement session, to wedding, followed by the first year of their son's life. Their firstborn, Cooper, came earlier than expected so we were not able to get in a maternity session while Holly was pregnant with him. Thankfully this little one has decided to stay put and we were able to capture some sweet moments.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Month Eight

Another month with our little man and this one has brought about so many changes in him. He is now sitting on his own, picking up cheerios and eating them by himself, scooting across the floor, and he has a great new squinty eyed smile where he opens his mouth so wide you can see all four of his teeth (two of which he got on Christmas morning:). We had a great holiday season and are excited for all that will take place in 2014. Definitely thankful for where we are today and are cherishing the stage that both of our kids are at right now. Here are a few shots I took this past month.

Ivy enjoyed making and decorating her first gingerbread house with aunt Jaycie but I think she liked eating the candy most of all:)

This is my new favorite picture of my boys. Jake was practicing for the Christmas eve services and baby boy was enthralled. 

Ivy loves making the baby laugh and enjoys him so much especially now that he is more responsive. She will make up little games to play with him which usually include piles of stuffed animals and fort building. On the right is her most recent portrait of her brother, I love it!

My mother-in-law made our little guy this lovely blanket! She made one for Ivy not too long ago, I just love that he has one too.

It's his new favorite blanket for play time.

I just have to add that yesterday baby boy did something for the first time that really made me squeal with happiness:) I had just gotten back from a photo shoot and when I picked the baby up he kissed me! It was no mistake, it was a "I missed you and am so happy you are back" real life kiss on the cheek! I melted. Can't wait to share all his new tricks next month, until then let me end with a picture of my new favorite wall in my house. Thanks to my awesome friend Grace for the canvas and my sweet sister Morrie for the portrait! I love my family.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Liam and Fam

Liam is a little boy that I have photographed this past year as he has grown from tiny little newborn to an energetic toddler. Last weekend I met up with Liam and his mom's side of the family to get some portraits taken. He is one lucky little one to have so many people lovin on him!