Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sneak Peek - Watson Lake Shoot

Is this incredible or what!!! I just wanted to give you all a peak at where I was yesterday for a photo shoot. Oh how I LOVE what I do:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Evan and Amber's Farewell Shoot

My brother and sister in law are about to take a big step in their newlywed lives. They are moving to Knoxville, Tennessee! This makes two of my nine siblings in TN which means vacationing over there will be even better! My brother Evan is starting law school in August at the University of Tennessee and this is the reason for the big move. I thought it would be fun to do a farewell shoot before they leave... and I kinda owed them one since we didn't have a chance to do their shoot while on our family vacation in January. Furthermore, I wasn't able to make it to their wedding since my daughter was born the day before so I really wanted to see them interact together in front of the camera:) It was a fun time, as you will see, because these two can be absolutely goofy together! We began the shoot with the two showing off their Tennessee pride!

These pictures make me happy:) Amber's eyes are amazingly blue and beautiful!

I am pretty sure that I don't know another couple who is into sports as much as these two; it's what makes them a family:) Evan brought along his football and I am so glad he did cause it made for some great shots.

I didn't tell them to do this... I am so glad they did!

Ok Evan, time to kiss and make up!

Amber, no matter how much football is apart of Evan's life, I know that next to you it is left in the gutter!


I just had to show these monsters that we came across while walking to the corn field. Brought back so many childhood memories of playing with the big ant hills! Oh come on, we all did it!

Evan asked me to take a few head shots since he will soon be needing them. I love how he can go from being a compete goof to total professional in a matter of minutes! This look fits him well!

We are in need of a new mail box and after seeing this one at our second location I was sold.

Well, farewell you two! I know you are going to rock it, Evan! Can't wait to come for a visit!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Windmill Winery Open House

This past weekend I was invited to this great venue to show a bit of my work at their open house. The Windmill Winery is a beautiful diamond in the rough located in Florence, Arizona. This place is seriously so charming and their rates are great! I didn't take any shots of the grounds (which include an amazing red barn, vintage gates, beautiful gardens, fields and so much more!); that will have to wait for my first wedding there in October which I am stoked about! The open house brought in couples/parents/wedding planners who wanted to view the property and check out what they offer along with us vendors. If you are planning on getting hitched anytime soon or know of anyone this place is a must to check out! They are offering another open house on July 11th so go to their site and get that info! I am telling you, you will be impressed:)

There are a lot of different table setup options and color schemes to choose from which are all real classy and fun.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tim and Amanda - Wedding Day

The day of Tim and Amanda's wedding was perfectly clear; there was no sign of a single cloud in the sky! It seemed that everything went just about as planned and that is pretty amazing when you add four kids into the mix:) This day was more than two people becoming one in marriage, it was about two families becoming one. Tim and Amanda's story is one of incredible hope in the midst of heartbreak. It is truly one that makes you marvel in the work of God. I am so happy for this new family and I am blessed to have been apart of this happy day!

It began with a trip to the salon. Amanda has such beautiful hair that was curled and pinned back with her grandmother's hair clip. She looked stunning!

Tim's daughter came with the ladies to get pampered before the day's events began. She was so sweet and had such character for a 5 year old!

I just LOVED her bouquet!

Seeing each other for the first time ended up being short and sweet when the kids came running out after Amanda:)

We took off for a short moment to take advantage of what I like to call true Arizona landscape:) Their house is surrounded by it!

One almost new happy family!

The kids were a hoot if I may say so:) What finally got the littlest guy to look up was a duck in the pond. That was a success--thank you duck!

The Wedding Party. This time the little guy was laughing at my husband and second shooter, he was in the background making funny noises. Whatever works!

We got a few more portraits to have some variety. This park made for a pretty backdrop.

The boys were the ring bearers and they played their part quite nicely.

The sweet little flower girl was all smiles the whole way down the aisle!

And my favorite part of it all, seeing the reaction of the groom when he sees his bride coming down the aisle just for him!

I love this interaction!

It was a sweet moment as the kids joined Tim and Amanda for the sand ceremony which represented the two families becoming one. Each individual had their name on a vase and poured it into the largest vase which said Mace.

Such a beautiful ceremony! Congratulations Mace family!