Thursday, April 28, 2011

Todd + Jenn = Engaged!

We went up on the roof tops for this engagement session! What a nice surprise it was to arrive the morning of the shoot and find out that Jenn and Todd had access to this great location. I was thrilled! We actually began on the ground and made our way up towards the end saving the best for last:) Being very recently engaged, these two were adorable! They make such a great couple!

Jenn, you will be one stunning bride!

Told you they were cute:)

Then we headed up! It was a perfectly clear Arizona morning.

The next two shots could just be my favorites.

Had to sneak in these last two:) Why not end on a fun note! Congrats Todd and Jenn!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sarah is Graduating!

Sarah is just about to graduate from ASU and then she will continue on her educational journey to become a veterinarian. I am completely in awe of her chosen field, I mean what little kid didn't want to be a vet one day? I know I did:) Sarah has some big plans for the future and I hope her the best!

A big congratulations to you, Sarah!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Fam!

It's not too often that you get to see my whole family on the blog:) It was such a treat to do this for myself! A few weeks back some of my siblings and I decided that it was time for some updated pictures of our family. One of my brothers and one of my sisters (I come from a family of nine kids) live with my husband, daughter, and I and we were in need of some new shots to fill our frames. I have brought along my two siblings and my husband Jake on a few photo shoots so it was nice to just pass around the camera and let everyone take a turn at snapping some pics. So here is some of what we got, enjoy!

We call Ivy our little goony at home:)

She's not exactly camera shy, more like she will do it her way:)

I must say, watching these two interact is one of my favorite things to do!

Then it was time for some uncle/aunt interacting!

Another brother of mine, Kale, was visiting us when we took the pictures. Ivy just loves them all!

Ivy Jane at her best!

OK, so uncle Brady has a special place in Ivy's heart. When he is home (which is not super often, he's a busy guy!) all Ivy wants to do is follow him around! Brady has said to me that he wants to be the kind of uncle that is a part of Ivy's life. She is one lucky niece!

And I'll tell ya, they take great pictures together:)

Ivy is also super fond of her aunt Camie. Camie works at Starbucks and Ivy loves to visit her and steal sips of her coffee when we are not looking...:) Living and growing up in the same house with these two has been such an awesome bonding experience for Ivy. I think she will always be close to these two and I love that!

Ivy was very happy to have uncle Kale around for a visit, as you can see!

This one will definitely get a frame on the wall!

I love these next shots of my younger sibs, they are a pretty funny bunch the three of them!

Brady "accidentally" knocked their heads together:)

I am so in love and thankful for my family. The way we live is not necessarily the norm but it's a pretty much a priceless way of doing it!