Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Harper!

It's sometimes hard to believe how fast the first year of a child's life flies by. I took pictures of Harper from the very beginning and now he is one, incredible! It was awesome getting to see this little guy since he and his parents moved out of state quite a while ago. It was convenient that he was back in town on his birthday so we could do his 1 year shoot!

Momma Sarah was flying solo on this trip with Harper cause dad couldn't leave his schooling, he was missed but will have some great shots of his wife and boy to place on his desk now:)

We used these little Toms shoes in the maternity shoot, now they fit his growing feet!

And it's a good thing cause this boy loves to run!

The only time during our shoot that Harper stood still was when we came across these beauties. Someone already has a green thumb I think!

Sarah brought along a little cupcake for Harper to chow down on to celebrate his first Birthday!

Happy Birthday Harper! Loved seeing you both!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The McDermid Family

This wonderful family asked me to head over to their property with my camera for some family photos. It was a great shoot filled with Elmo songs (for the smallest member of the group), silly faces, and lots of laughter indeed:) We started things off with all the kiddos and they were quite the energetic bunch!

Proud grandma and grandpa with all the grandchildren.

These two were so sweet.

You all make one good looking family!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Latvian Doll

Back in 2006 my husband Jake and I (we were dating at the time) went on a mission trip to Latvia with a group of high school students from our church. I found out recently that my younger brother Kale is going there this summer on a similar mission trip and I am so excited for him! I found it fitting in light of that news to post something Latvia related:) So back to 2006...Jake and I knew at that point that we wanted to get married and while looking at souvenirs one afternoon in a town called Riga we came across a little paper doll set that we just had to purchase for our future daughter. Totally not joking, somehow we knew one day that we would have our little Ivy:) I have had it tucked away for the past 6 years and now that Ivy is at an age where she understands what it means to be gentle I decided it was time to bring her out. Oh was Ivy thrilled to play with her first paper doll! I tried to explain to her the history and importance of this little lady but she kept interrupting me and asking that I begin to cut out the different outfits so I obliged:) It was such a sweet little moment of play and of course I had to document it a bit so here she is coloring the first paper outfit...

I am so glad that Jake and I purchased this doll those years ago, such a fun little piece of our history!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Josh and Leslie - The Wedding!

This wedding day was just fantastic, every little thing about it! Josh and Leslie were a laid back couple who were madly in love and had a wonderful style to show off on their big day:) Josh and I went to youth group together back when I was in junior high and it was awesome to see AND photograph so many old friends! It was a joy to document this unforgettable occasion and I am so happy for these two!

Leslie was looking gorgeous as she awaited her groom to arrive!

This was a must have shot requested from these two, I love it. This was right before they saw each other for the first time.

And these next few are just so sweet!

Leslie made the boutonnieres, they were pretty great.

Leslie, you were a lovely bride!

Josh was definitely a happy guy:)

The flowers were perfect.

The ceremony and reception site was really cool (check out Inside The Bungalo, it's a coffee shop!) and the decor looked great!

And then they were married! Congratulations Josh and Leslie! Just had to end with your other must have shot, you guys are so fun:)