Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Calligan Family

I absolutely loved photographing this young family of three for a few reasons. First of all, I have known Sharayah since high school so it was so great to be able to see her and catch up a bit during our shoot. Second, their sweet 7 month old daughter Kaydence was such a happy and smiley girl the entire time I was with them! Lastly, they are such a cute family and VERY photogenic:) I think I can officially say that this was the most relaxing shoot I have ever done, so congrats to you, Calligan family!

Isn't she a doll, oh my goodness!! I just adore this shot of Kaydence with her daddy:)

How can you NOT crack a smile looking at this!

I could have taken pictures of her all day:)

At the end of the session we brought out the green bucket and oh did Kaydence have a blast in that! I could not believe her determination to stand already, Little Miss Advanced!

I really enjoyed seeing you three. You are an adorable family for sure!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Baby Lucas

Isn't he a cutie?! I am always amazed at how tiny these little newborns are when I come over for a shoot. You would think I could remember this fact yet each time I am surprised! Lucas was wide awake and alert practically the whole session which gave me the opportunity to get some great shots of his baby blues! Right when I arrived Lucas was finishing up a feeding so I got to spend a few minutes with his big brother William. This boy was far from shy! He showed me around and then took the time to practice his smile for the camera:)

I think William was having lots of fun:)

Love this expression! He's trying to figure out what this big black thing is that keeps getting in his face:)

So sweet to see the interaction of young siblings!

It was time for William to get his nap in so we headed into Lucas's Bee nursery for a few shots.

This was all momma's idea, love it!

We tried to get the little guy to fall asleep for a bit but he was not having it! Being the model for a shoot was just too exciting:)

Love these last few shots with dad!

Lucas was getting a bit exhausted from all the attention...

He gave me one last sweet look to end the session!