Thursday, March 25, 2010

For Phil

My sister Sonnie and nephew Rock stayed with us the past two weeks because my brother in law Phil is gone until the first week of April. One of the days they were with us Phil sent them a package and inside was a card and a shirt for Rock that had the name of one of the artists that Phil is touring with. I think I'll just show you...

Can you guess what song it plays?

Well Phil, here is your answer!

Seriously, could the kid get any cuter??

Oh wait, he can:)

Rock's middle name is Davidson (partly named after David in the Bible) and Sonnie reads this great kids version of the story of David and Goliath with so much enthusiasm that it kept me entertained! Her voice for King Saul is fantastic:)

Fashionable just like his daddy!

Hurry home Phil, you have a beautiful family at home waiting for you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Norton Family

Introducing the other Norton family:) Jon is my husband's older brother; Karyne is his wife and Silas is my sweet nephew. I say sweet because he is truly one good baby! A few nights before this shoot Silas got his first tooth and from what his parents said about the experience you would have never known that it had even happened by the way he acted, which was as pleasant and lovely as normal! He was such a good boy the whole time we were together; these guys are truly blessed with such a sweet little guy!

What a little peanut!

This was really the only time Silas fussed during the shoot, and it was all my fault cause I made him hang out in the grass... sorry buddy!

A little mommy time makes everything better!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brian + Katie = Engaged

These two are getting married in two months and it seems that it couldn't come any sooner for them:) I have known both Brian and Katie but have never been around them together since they have been dating/engaged. I was able to spend a good hour and a half with them during this shoot and I began to realize just how unique these two are. Brian has a knack for gardening and with the plan in mind to grow a potted garden on their balcony; one of their wedding registry stores of choice was Home Depot. I just loved that! Since the outdoors are a big part of their life I found it fitting to do this shoot out in the Arizona wild, which thankfully in spring is green:)

Talk about unique, this engagement ring tops it all! I absolutely love it.

Doesn't she seem happy.

No one would ever guess this is in Arizona.

This one was all their idea, some good serious faces going on here:)