Friday, April 25, 2014

Month Eleven

Our little guy doing his new trick! He is finally pulling himself up to stand and for the first few days he would pull himself up but was too scared to get down so he usually ended up asking for help, aka crying:) Now he has mastered the move and has no problem plopping himself down when he is ready to move on to the next exciting thing. It's crazy that in just a few short weeks our baby will be turning one and shortly after that we will be celebrating our first full year of having him in our lives! He sure has become a little boy in the past month; he can say momma and dada, he scoots around as fast as ever, he understands what the word "no" means (although he already has a little attitude when we say no to him:), and he absolutely loves reading books. 

There is nothing new in his case that I can share, we are still just waiting for the severance trial in July. At this point no news is good news because that means he gets to stay with us longer. We are truly hoping and praying for the best outcome for his future. If you would continue to pray with us that God would watch over him and all the circumstances surrounding his case that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are just a few pics from this past month. Bubba really enjoys playing with dada and sister Ivy.

I love how you can see his huge smile in this shot without actually seeing his face:)

The church where Ivy attends preschool hosted an Easter carnival that we took the kids to. One of the churches that I grew up at did these kinds of things and it always brings back fun memories.

The fishing game, was one of my favorites as a kid.

Bubba is at the stage where he doesn't last long in his stroller because he wants to be out and moving. He also doesn't let us hold him for too long because he just wants down! Looking forward to the walking stage so we can actually let him down more often.

Egg hunt time, more like run and pick up the most eggs you can carry:)

And she's off! I love how she ran past a bunch, I guess she had spotted special ones she wanted to get.

You can see Bubba watching the action in the background. Ivy did give him a few eggs, I love when she thinks of him like that.

Easter morning before church. Gosh I love this picture!

And this girl is turning 5 next month! She is a little beauty.

And next month we will have a one-year-old on our hands, bring on the toddler stage!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Matt and Melissa are Expecting!

And it's a boy! Little Ayden is expected to arrive in the next few months and will make the Dennetts a family of four. I photographed Matt and Melissa's wedding in November of 2012 and shortly after Melissa contacted me and asked if I would take their maternity pictures as soon as they were expecting. Shortly after they found out this little guy was on the way we started planning this day. I love capturing the joy and excitement that the upcoming arrival of a new family member brings! Can't wait to meet this baby boy very soon.

Melissa has made some great signs to use in past photo shoots and I love this new one she made specifically for this session! And soon-to-be big sister Alayna was a great little model and boy did she make me laugh!

Just love these.

Little miss was just about done at this point and this last shot I took of her is just too much:)

Will leave you with this cute shot, can't wait to see all FOUR family members at the next shoot!