Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ezra Boy!

It is hard to believe that one year ago today this little dude made his debut into the world! I will never forget seeing his parents hold their new son and see the wonder in their eyes at the little miracle they created. It's been a joy for me to watch Ezra grow this past year and see every new milestone along the way. Grace and Jeremy, aka mom and dad to the birthday boy, baby Ezra has been upgraded to Ezra boy in honor of his first Birthday:) No more baby!

Ezra just recently began to toddle around and oh how cute it is!

Love these guys:)

Little ham:)

Now that Ezra can get around pretty quickly that is all he wants to do! Gave me and his parents a good workout:)

Being that Ezra was born on Halloween it was most pertinent to get a few shots of him in his first costume. ADORABLE!

Grace and I were laughing about how cute Ezra looks when he cries, grumpy little monster:)

Happy Halloween everyone and Happy 1st Birthday Ezra boy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 8 Months Owen!

The last time I saw Owen he was a tiny little thing who was new to the world and here he is eight months later just as cute as ever! He was quite the charmer and oh so fun to photograph with his big grins and belly laughs! I absolutely love this age when babies begin to show off their own little personalities. Owen captivated me with his curiosity and pure joy of all the things surrounding him including his mom and dad:) It was fun to see them interact and enjoy the time we had for photographs and boy am I happy with how this whole shoot turned out!

Look at those eyes! And don't miss the see through soles in the above picture, get to peek at the cute little baby toes:)

Such a sweet family of three.

Seriously?! I didn't think this kid could get any cuter, I was so wrong:)

Love the baby chub!

You guys make an absolutely adorable family. It was so good to see you again!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Baughman Family

Last Christmas the three Baughman siblings purchased a Rilie Dee Photography gift certificate for their mother and just recently they turned it in for a photo shoot! I did engagement shoots for Todd, Stacy and their spouses so I was looking forward to seeing them again and getting to take pictures of the whole family this time around. They all seemed to have fun and enjoy each other's company and you can see that in their photos!

Love these two of mom and dad:)

Stacy and my husband used to be co-workers and it is always nice when we get to see her and James and catch up on life! I like this shot of the two of them.

You all were wonderful and I hope you enjoyed your family picture time!