Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Pioske Family

The last time these three were on the blog little baby Harper was just a newborn and now at 4 and a half months he is one cute little chubber:) These guys are just about to embark on a big move to South Dakota for Chad's schooling so it was fun to be able to send them off with one last AZ memory, a family photo shoot. They chose one of my favorite locations and even though the heat was brutal Harper was one happy kid the entire time! He is such a handsome little guy with lots of slobbery smiles:)


Harper was very intrigued with dad's hair, it was hilarious:)

Apparently wicker basket tastes delicious:)

Harper was more than comfortable just sporting a diaper, he was so content!

Going to miss seeing this sweet little face but happy to know this family will be back for Harper's one year shoot! Hope the best for you, Pioske family, as you begin your new journey in South Dakota!

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