Friday, September 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know, you think I am crazy right about now cause it is still September and not to mention HOT! Well, I am actually one of those people who gets pretty annoyed when I see Christmas decorations for sale in the department stores too early and I might even get a little mad if I hear someone listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving... So why the heck am I posting this? You see I have a thing for nativity scenes. Maybe they are not particularly accurate in telling the true story of Jesus's arrival to earth (the wise men didn't really make an appearance until Jesus was a toddler) but they still always captured my attention and made me think of how it all truly went down that incredible night. Ever since I was little I was inthralled with them. It could just be because I liked all sorts of little toys and trinkets and seeing the different styles and sizes made my little heart happy. The problem was that I could not keep my hands off of them and unfortunately they usually come in glass form which is not ideal for a kid. I will never forget when my little brother broke the head off of the shepard boy, then a wise man and eventually baby Jesus... thank God for the invention of super glue:) So the other day I was at the store and had some time to kill and thought, "Why not just take one peak at the Christmas items?" Truly unlike me BUT I am now very happy that I did so. I came across a nativity set that I just could not pass up, a nativity set that is not glass. Seeing this wood set brought me right back to my childhood and the kid in me knew that my 2 year old daughter needed this. She is now at the age where she is beginning to understand so much and this year she will not only hear about the Christmas story but she will be able to interact with these little figures as well (and I won't be freaking out that she will break one of them:) I actually never purchased a glass set once my husband and I were married so I am happy to make this one ours!

And after I had snapped a few shots I turned around and realized that it kind of looked like the aftermath of Christmas morning:) I had fun and can't wait to get this out in a few more months! And while we are on the subject... if you are thinking of scheduling family portraits for Christmas this year contact me as soon as possible, November is already starting to fill up! I guess it is never too early to prepare for the holidays:)

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