Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Party

My neighbor and friend put together a super cute princess party for her daughter's 6th Birthday. Princess Belle showed up to do face painting, balloon figures, games, and dancing with all the girls ( It was adorable to see the wonder and excitement on all the little girl's faces when the princess arrived and announced that she had even brought makeup for them to wear:) It was great capturing all their happiness at this fun event! Julia was pretty excited showing mom the lovely pantings that Belle had created .

Jennifer is so sweet, she is a teacher in my daughter's Sunday school class and she is getting to know Ivy really well. She knew that Ivy loves the color blue right now and even with the decor being mostly pink at this princess party she thought of Ivy and made sure that Belle brought her a blue tutu, so nice!

Ivy asked Belle to paint a blue spider on her cheek, she is a bit unique I must say:)

Happy 6th Birthday, Julia! Your party was magical!

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