Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Matt + Melissa = Engaged!

My absolute favorite location was available to use after some months of being out of commission because of citrus season and I was thrilled to do Matt and Melissa's engagement shoot there! After this session I decided that one day I am going to buy this plot of land and do all my shoots on it:) Melissa brought along some cute props and I adore this whole group of photos! From now on I am going to tell future clients to look at these pics for inspiration, little things can add so much. But even without the props these two were just cute themselves!

I am in for a treat in November when these two get married and Melissa has a similar bouquet. Sunflowers are lovely!

It will be here before you know it!

Melissa has some beautiful blue eyes!

We ended the shoot here and Matt was pretty stoked about it:) I think they turned out great on such a lovely windy day!

Lots of laughter:)

Congrats you two, looking forward to your wedding!

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  1. Such an awesome shoot, Rilie! Love this one. :)