Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Killebrew Family

This family of four is one of the sweetest I know! Ryan and Theresa are such calm and loving parents to their two little cuties. It is always a joy taking their pictures! Almost three year old Jack is an awesome kid who takes after his parents' kindness:)

Since the last time I photographed the Killebrews little Lucy has joined the family! Jack is a great big brother.

What a doll!

Theresa was smart and brought along some bubbles. It was a nice little break from all the looking and smiling:)

He was so proud about catching this bubble:)

Love this, you never know what little ones will do in front of the camera!

At the end of our shoot Jack put on his boots and went exploring.

Lucy started walking at around 8 months old! She is definitely a little go-getter:)

Such a great family!

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