Monday, May 27, 2013

Life Changing

One week ago we got the call and a two week old baby boy joined our family! The last seven days have been beautifully chaotic as we began to adjust to two kids and all that is required as foster parents. I cannot begin to describe the emotions of love and instant affection that this little one brought to all three of us. At the same time I have had a peace from the moment my eyes met his in what it is that we are really doing here. This beautiful baby does not belong to us and the hope is that one day he will be able to be reunified with his family. There are so many unknowns in this process and it could be easy to live out this journey in fear but once again I have to choose the path that I will let myself take. Our job is to give this little boy the best possible start in his life. We don't know how long he will be with us so we are soaking in this time and showering him with love, which is not too difficult at all:) I am thankful for how smooth the transition has been for us. So far he has been a great baby and Ivy has been an amazing helper! She even told me the other day that she thinks it is so cute when he cries:) She loves to give him kisses and calls herself his foster sister/aunty. It's been pretty adorable! 

Jake and I agree that this week has just felt right. We know it will not be an easy journey but definitely one that will change our lives forever.

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