Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

Ivy started Pre-K today! She was so ready to go and what a wonderful experience it was dropping her off without any tears:) Some of her classmates from last year are in her new class this year which really helps and her new teachers are just awesome. I am so excited for her to make new friends, create cute artwork, and hopefully get even closer to reading. Most of all I am just thankful that she loves to go and has so much fun! I asked her a few questions this morning and wrote them in her quote journal so we will be able to remember her little personality forever, wanted to share a few...

Favorite color - Pink
Favorite food - Carrots, like a bunny
Favorite animal - Leopards and cheetahs
Favorite book - The Jungle Book
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "A princess but a mommy too, and a fireman so I can see Jake McDaniel." He is my sister's boyfriend:)

Now that Ivy is a big 4 year old we let her pick out a backpack and some new shoes for school. As you can see, she is all girl:) Twinkle Toes are apparently the "it" shoes in the preschool world and she is all about My Little Pony. I think I had more fun watching her pick out what she wanted than she did:)

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