Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Month Six

While I was preparing this post I looked back at the pictures we took of baby boy when he first came to us. He was a tiny 7 pounder and now six months later he is up to 20:) The past few weeks he has become this whole new baby as he began to roll around and get places and he interacts with us even more. He is close to sitting up on his own and he is very interested in touching our hair (which Ivy isn't too happy about...:). We started him on solid food and he has taken to it like a champ, although peas are definitely not his favorite. Ivy thought it was funny when he made a face and spit them out the first time I fed him! His favorite part of the day is bed time, the boy loves his crib. Now that he is old enough to have a stuffed animal to sleep with he gets a huge smile every time before bed when I give him his little bear, it's crazy cute.

So his development and our home life is going great, his case plan is a bit of another story. I can't give details but there is an important court date coming up in December. I have not been given answers from my case manager on what could happen depending on how court goes so it feels very strange going into it with so many unknowns. My specialist on the other hand did tell me that there is a good chance that after this trial baby boy's case could be moved to the Navajo court which means everything will drag out. If that means he gets to stay with us longer it's definitely a positive thing, at the same time it will be so much harder to let this little guy go the longer he is with us. We have a bond with this boy and we love him so much but we constantly have to remind ourselves that he could leave us any day. We trust that God brought him to us for a purpose. We had four calls for other children that we said yes to before we were chosen to take in this baby boy. So we will keep on giving him the complete love that he needs, he gives us so much joy in return:)

We kinda love how Bubba's hair sticks strait up. 

Also lovin' his little moccasins:) Now it just needs to get cold enough for him to wear them!

His little hat too, I am having fun with the baby boy stuff:)

Halloween was fun with our little princess and bat baby:)

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