Thursday, December 19, 2013

Month Seven

It has been so fun having two kiddos during the holidays! There is something magical about watching a baby experience their first Christmas season, everything is new and exciting and you can see it in their eyes. Bubba loves the Christmas tree with the sparkling lights and smiles real big when I sing him Christmas songs:) He is pretty darn cute.

We were hoping that by now we would have some clarity as to where baby boy's case was headed but unfortunately we do not... Everyone showed up to the trial that was set only to have it be rescheduled the minute we all sat down in the courtroom because of some paperwork that did not get delivered in time. Turns out that this is more common than I had realized which is very sad and shows how the system is lacking. It was a frustrating experience and now we have to wait three more months to get any answers. Being in limbo is definitely the hardest part of this process. If there was a set goal in mind, reunification with biological parents or adoption, at least you know. It's the not knowing that makes you feel kind of crazy:) When I was leaving the courthouse I just felt a bit defeated. Going through the motions of preparing yourself for some big news is draining and then on top of that to have absolutely nothing come out of it all was a huge let down. I have to believe there is a purpose in it and maybe it will show itself in the coming weeks. I know that my job does not change no matter what happens and I will keep being this boy's momma until he gets a permanent one. Thanks to all you who are in this with us! Knowing that so many people are praying for this little guy and his future is just incredible. March will be here before we know it and HOPEFULLY there will be news! God turns my darkness into light. - Psalm 18:28b

Ivy got her brother a build-a-bear for Christmas. She said boys like camo and spiderman, I think she is spot on. He's gonna love it.

We took the kids to Prescott a few weeks ago to play in the snow. Ivy was in heaven and baby boy didn't seem to mind the cold too much.

Daddy kisses.

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