Friday, March 14, 2014

Month Ten - Baby's First Trip

This month we got to take our little guy on his first road trip to Pine Valley, CA. My parents live there at a camp and it is one of Ivy's very favorite places in the world:) My older sister Sonnie was in San Diego a few days before we arrived and was planning on spending a few more days at the camp before heading back home to Nashville. She hadn't met baby boy yet so we were pretty excited to arrive! My two younger sisters, Camie and Morrie, were brave enough to join me and the kiddos in the car and let me tell you I am so thankful for them! It actually ended up being a pretty smooth ride, the kids were awesome (even though they didn't sleep...:) It was a quick trip but so great! Getting back together is always a fulfilling time. In just two short months we will be back for one of my brother's wedding (I have 8 siblings by the way, if you didn't know), and this trip EVERYONE in my family will be together! These moments are so special and I am grateful that our little guy is able to join us.

Ivy sure enjoys running around the camp with Peeka the dog.

It was pretty chilly and rainy the first few days of our trip so we spent a good amount of time inside. It's amazing how entertaining a baby is, we had fun watching him and just hanging out.

Bubba took a liking to his uncle Haddon's cell phone.

I thought this picture was kinda cute, Peeka and Bubba staring each other down.

And the very best things about visiting the camp is going on golf cart rides, Ivy's favorite!

Little guy got to experience his first ride, Ivy gave him a kiss before they left.

Off they go!

Got a little chilly so Bubba got bundled up and held tight by his aunt Jaycie.

A look of pure happiness! It was a great trip and we can't wait for the next one!

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