Sunday, June 29, 2014

Month Thirteen

We've been blessed with another full month with our Bubba. With the severance trial drawing near (next week and no sign of a date change) every day feels like a gift. We really have no idea what to expect as far as the outcome of the trial so we are just praying that whatever happens, this little boy will be loved and completely cared for wherever he ends up. Of course we want him to stay in our home and call him our son but that is completely in God's hands. We might not get any news from the judge for a few months after the trial so until we know anything we will keep on loving this boy and living as a family of four.

It's been a year and a month since Bubba came to live with us and the room he has been in has always been the foster baby's room. Well, I got tired of that and decided that it needed to become Bubba's room. So I've slowly started to add little boy things to make it his. He loves his little reading corner, board books are some of his favorite things. And every time I walk in his room and see his Mickey ears from our Disney trip I can't help but smile:)

He has started showing interest in little toy cars (loves this one green truck) so we got him a car rug, he loves it!

This is the bear Ivy made Bubba for Christmas from Build-A-Bear, he likes to give it kisses when the mask is off. Ivy insists that the mask must stay on...:)

Bubba has begun to explore the house and has recently started climbing up the stairs, Ivy is a great spotter. This is the kids' attire most of the time we are in the house, it's how we deal with the heat, all you Arizonans understand:).

This guy is officially done with bottles! I am so proud of him and the way he has easily transitioned with every new stage, he's a great baby...I mean toddler!

I love catching him sitting this way, I remember when Ivy used to do it.

And of course I have to share Ivy's most recent portrait of her brother. Gotta love the over exaggerated length of hair and ears. 

Fort building in the Bubb's room has been a reoccurring summer activity. Both kids think it's the best.

And lastly, thought it was time for a bump update:) I am officially half way through this pregnancy and it's seriously flying by! We recently got to see our little one squirming around during an ultrasound and we have decided to not find out the gender until the baby is born. It's actually been really fun not knowing and just day dreaming about what it would be like to have a boy or girl join our family. With so much going on with the other two kiddos I feel like this baby will be here in no time!

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