Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Parker Family

This year is a big one for the Parker family for mainly two reasons; the first one being that they are moving to a smaller town to be closer to family and the second is the fact that their baby girl is about to turn one! Moving can definitely be a big deal but your baby turning one is also right up there (I know from recent experience:) I will miss taking pictures of these kiddos. The two boys, Ryker and Bryden, have such fun personalities that they make me laugh countless times during our shoots! I also enjoy seeing the interacting between mom, dad and baby girl Reagan. This being their first daughter it is so sweet to see them loving on each other! Well, I hope the best for you guys on your new journey and make sure to party it up for Reagan's big 1st birthday!

Part of this shoot was focused on Reagan since she's turning one and all. I have a feeling this little girl gets lots of the attention anyway:)

Is she a daddy's girl or what!

Cannot put a camera in front of Bryden without getting a spiderman pose at least a few times:)

Nothing like ending this family shoot than with a kiss from the birthday girl!

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