Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet Baby Owen

This cute little dude had just turned 2 weeks old the day before our shoot. He looks so calm and peaceful right?:) Well, don't let this first shot fool ya, he was practically wide awake and moving about the entire time we were taking the pictures! Since he was so active and alert it was fun to watch new mom and dad (Mike and Melissa) interact with their baby boy. Owen made so many great expressions and oh how I loved seeing all the adorable newborn mannerisms! It's times like this when I really miss being in the thick of the newborn stage of parenthood:) Soak it all up you two!

We spent a good amount of time in Owen's green/owl themed nursery. I just love Melissa's taste of style!

Can't help but love this shot! Newborns make great expressions and so do parents of newborns:)

Oh how sweet is a new dad with his baby?!

Newborn wrinkles are just the best:)

Looks like little Owen is trying to tell us something:)

We headed outside to end the session and although it was a cloudy day it was still pretty bright for a two week old!

Owen's cute little hat helps to show how tiny he really is.

Melissa's mother had one request:)

You three make a beautiful family. Congratulations on your new little addition!

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