Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hutchison Family

This family and their pictures warm my heart:) Micah is a pastor at my church (, love my church:) and his wife Bethany can almost always be found at the connect table or greeting people as they walk in the door on Sunday mornings. Their two kids, Eli and Mikayla, are so sweet and seem to be the best of buds! I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past two years and it was a joy to photograph their little family unit!

What a gorgeous little lady!

And this guy could not be any cuter:)

You two should be proud!

Grandma and grandpa stopped by to jump into a few shots.

Eli made me laugh multiple times throughout the shoot, his little expressions were too much:)

Thanks for being so great Hutchison family, see you Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the great pictures Rilie!!!

  2. Thanks for letting us enjoy the pics.
    Looking forward to seeing you all.
    Take care.
    lots of love G.Grandma & Pa.