Monday, October 17, 2011

Spunky Siblings

I met Jen and her two kids a few months back at my church and not long after we found out we are neighbors! Since then we have hung out and set up play dates for the kids at our community playground and it's been a joy getting to know them! I was thrilled when Jen asked me to take pictures of Dalton and Julia because I knew with their fun and energetic personalities that we would have a great time, and we sure did:)

Dalton got his first loose tooth just days before the shoot, mom was glad it stayed in for us:)

Julia is such a sweet girl and very photogenic!

Dalton had lots of posing ideas, I let him run with it:)

Mom jumped in for a few family shots.

While Dalton showed off a few skating skills...

Julia made a wardrobe change, what a cutie!

Thought I would throw in this last one just for Dalton:) Thanks being being great models kiddos!

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