Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Prescott Trip

Since the first year Jake and I were married we have gone on a day trip to Prescott during Christmas time. We have made it a holiday tradition that has been so fun to include our daughter in! I lived in Prescott for a few years when I was younger and it will always have a special place in my heart. I love the small town feel of it and they do a great job of making the place look and feel merry during the holidays. I love sticking out my thumb on the drive over the moment we spot Thumb Butte (which you can see in the above pictures) and seeing the court house for the first time always bring a big smile to my face:) We make sure to stay long enough to see the court house light display once it gets dark, it was a total delight to Ivy!

Sitting on the court house steps!

There was a bit of snow left for Ivy to touch, quite a wonder for a desert child:)

We always eat lunch here. I love their chicken pot pie!

Grandma Trudy and Grandpa Kevin met up with us to eat, do a little shopping, and spoil Ivy a little (she is very much into blue at the moment hence the blue lollie and blue toy:)

There is a great gingerbread house display that is a highlight each trip and even more so for our little lady this year, it was so hard for her to not touch!

There are a few streets in particular that I love to drive down and look at all the cute houses. My siblings and I used to point out and scream which one was our favorite when we lived close by, fun memories:)

We drove up high enough to actually play in some snow. These two were tough and didn't wear gloves... me on the other hand kept my hands on the camera.

The Wild Iris is a nice place to warm up with a nice cup of "pretty" hot chocolate.

I treasure these times and the memories we are making. This has been a glorious Christmas season for me and my family and I hope the same for you and yours! Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. We love going to Prescott too and eating at the Prescott Brewing Co. Anthony always gets this big thing of beer to take home. LOL :) I had no idea you used to live there. I love the small town feel too!