Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Today we dropped Ivy off for her first day of Kindergarten! She was so ready for this milestone and I am a very proud momma. I can't wait to pick her up and hear all the stories she has to tell me. Ivy and I thought it was a great idea to give her teacher a nice red apple on the first day cause that's just what you do! After leaving the parking lot I prayed that God would protect her while she was away from me and that she would have such an awesome experience. I didn't feel sad, just thankful and excited. I did treat myself to a Starbucks because this is a big deal and even without the tears and sadness there were still a lot of emotions involved so I figured a treat would help and it did:)

To say Ivy was excited about her new backpack would be an understatement:) It's fun to find out what is important to her at each new stage. Last year when she went to Pre-K it was the Twinkle Toe shoes and this year it was the My Little Pony backpack with ALL the main characters on it. I was pretty happy that I actually found this while she was on her California trip. One of the first things she asked me when we got to her new school was, "Do you think there are any other pony girls here?" It was cute and I assured her there would most definitely be a few. When she went to Kindergarten boot camp  at the beginning of summer she made friends with some girls who were also fans of the show and she was happy to see some sporting similar backpacks this morning. And by the way, she has a My Little Pony lunchbox and water bottle inside the backpack as well as few MLP shirts and other accessories lined up to wear for the days to come. 

Ivy and some of her classmates lining up after the bell rang. We decided to stay until she walked to class since she was a little nervous and didn't feel like playing on the playground. She didn't cry which was awesome but she did tear up a little. I must admit, I did too watching her walk away to her classroom. It was just such a sweet moment.

And we couldn't leave Bubba out, he graduated from the diaper bag to his own little backpack!

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