Friday, September 5, 2014

Saying Goodbye Part Four

  We have almost hit the two month mark since finding out that Bubba would be leaving our family and I "think" we finally have some direction on how things are going to move forward. I found out that the new ICWA unit case worker was assigned this week and just in time for her to make it to court. Yesterday there was an emergency placement hearing which I didn't know about until six days before it happened. This hearing took place because the tribe wants Bubba and his siblings moved to family on the reservation before they go back to their mom but their mom does not want them moved until they go back to her. Nothing was officially decided at the hearing but I did hear from my old case worker who was also there, she said that the new case worker would like Bubba to be reunited with his mom within the next two months. Until then they will be looking for a home that can take in Bubba and his two siblings so they can live all together. Not sure if that is a Navajo family they are looking for or not. If they can't find a home for all three kids then they will consider having the kids moved to the reservation until their mom gets them back. I really am not sure how long they will look for a home to take all three kids but it sounds like that seems to be important to have them all living together before they go back to their mom.

  It was nice to get some info and I am hopeful that this time what we are told is actually the plan. I am anxiously waiting (trying patiently) to hear from the new case worker so we can talk face to face about it all instead of me just hearing from someone else. If what I was told is the case then really Bubba could be leaving us any day now if they find a family to take all three kids or decide to move them to the reservation.  If they do find a family I have no clue how quickly they would move the kids, a week, a few days after we find out?? There is still also the possibility that he won't leave us until he goes back to his mom. Even though we got some news there is still no definite answer, so we wait...

  I wasn't originally going to share this news because it still gives no answers. I was thinking that maybe it could be getting redundant that I share things but then nothing happens. After talking with my sister about it this morning I realized that there are many people on this journey right along with us. Many of you who have graciously prayed for Bubba and his situation and have done tangible things to help our family during this time. So many of you do care and want to be in the loop. So I decided that I would share after all. And for those of you who are considering becoming foster parents I hope it is helpful that I share these things. Getting a feel for the system and all the waiting around you get to do is something I would have really liked to hear about from other foster parents. Thanks to all of you who are in this with us and please pray now that wherever Bubba and his siblings end up going next that it is a loving environment.

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