Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIY Project - Squinkie Houses

I wouldn't call myself a crafty mom but my daughter LOVES to do crafts. So, I decided that I needed to be more intentional about creating with her at home. I had a dentist appointment this past week and while in the waiting room I picked up a random magazine (couldn't even tell you the name of it) and began to flip through. Well, when I saw the picture for these cute little guys I new that we could do this! I didn't have time to look at the instructions because I was called back for my cleaning but I figured it looked simple enough. Ivy and I made these yesterday and they really were very easy and she had so much fun creating them that I just had to share. Not only is it fun for your kiddo but also you probably already have all the materials you need in your house to make them. Here is what we used -

 - toilet paper rolls
- paint
- paper
- glue
- scissors
- newspaper (to keep everything on top of)
 - squinkies

Now, if you don't know what a squinkie is just go to They have been a pretty popular toy for some time now so I'm sure that most kids have them:) They are tiny squishy figures, definitely not toddler friendly because of how similar they are to gummy candies, FYI. Ivy has a collection of girl AND boy squinkies so really both genders would enjoy this project! 

The first thing I did was cut out a little door before Ivy painted the toilet paper rolls. She painted one solid color, let that dry, and then decorated the rolls with other paint colors.

After the rolls were dry we folded a small piece of paper for the roof. Glueing them on was tricky but I figured you could also tape them from the inside if the glue doesn't hold the roof to the thin edges of the toilet paper roll. We did get ours to stick and then all we had to do was wait a bit for them to dry and that was it! It was easy for Ivy to do and took a good amount of time to decorate (which is the best part). Now whenever we have an empty toilet paper roll we will know what to do with it! Pretty soon she will have a nice little squinkie village:)

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