Monday, May 31, 2010


This was the first time that I have been able to visit my sister since she and her husband moved there three years ago. That took way too long! Now that we have the babies it's even more important to connect more often so they can be buds:) So with this being our turn to come to them, I could not have been more excited because they live in such a great vacation spot located right smack dab in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee! Now that I have been there and experienced the culture I would describe Nashville as having a small town feel surrounded by big city life. It was fantastic! I truly enjoyed the lush greenery of the landscape and the Southern hospitality of the people. Below is a shot of the front of the triplex that my sister and her family live in.

Here is the view to the right of their home.

I find it important to explore my surroundings in a new environment and I was very much drawn to the greenness of this place. Even the "weeds" I found intriguingly beautiful:)

This was a new concept for me and maybe to some of you Arizonans as well. This is a crawl space. If you don't have a basement here in Nashville you are most certain to have one of these. I find them a little creepy but I do understand the purpose is important since there is the occasional tornado ever now and then close to these parts.

Now let me take you inside. This being my first time I have been able to experience my sister's space since she has had her son Rock I was looking forward to catching glimpses of their world and seeing how they have filled it. On a side note, this was the first time the babies have really interacted intentionally. They played together and it was so fun watching! It also meant that sharing became a new concept to the two of them and by the end of our time together they got pretty good at it! I like this shot of them at the beginning when this concept was new:)

Speaking of scooters... my sister's husband Phil recently purchased one of his own. It is pretty sweet and I could tell he was proud of it!

Even with the two little ones we got out a lot (which you moms know is not always an easy thing to do:). One trip to the grocery store ended up being more exciting than planned when we ended up shopping right along with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! It was our first and only celebrity sighting but I think that would top them all anyway:) The kiddos kept us entertained as it is!

Hotel Indigo was located a mile from my sister's place which was perfect. I would recommend it to anyone staying in Nashville.

The food...oh the food! We had some great grub all week. Let me show you a few of the hot spots we enjoyed...

Best breakfast at Merridee's+ amazing tacos at Mas Tacos! Jake was laughing because to him these were the best tacos he has ever had yet we live in Arizona:)

This little popsicle shop was fun and the Mexican Caramel was a delicious flavor!

Ivy got a taste of her first popsicle, she cried when it was gone...:(

Great coffee at Crema and coming from me that is something.

We made some good food ourselves. Jake makes a mean pizza + artichoke dip!

One last mention of food... This place was just down the street from my sister's place. They served the best chicken tortilla soup I have ever had!

We took a trip out to Franklin one morning and found that there were a few shops named after our children.

Baby blues!

Cute shoes!

Since we were visiting in-between the babies first birthdays we decided to throw them a little party. This was Rock's first time digging into a cake and oh did he!

It was a wonderful time as we watched the kids be cute together, spent some one on one time with my sis, and explored the city. My hope is that we do not wait another three years to do this again... we won't!

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