Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dusty and Caitlin - The Wedding

Seriously, I loved so many things about this wedding! For one, the picture you see above would have never been if it were not for a random look to the left while heading to the reception site. My eye caught a idle train so we headed to the tracks and oh how happy I am that we did! I just love it when my clients give me room for spontaneous creativity (this was not necessarily a part of the plan for the day:) and Dusty and Caitlin were so for it! You will get another peak at the track shots in a few but we better get to the other things I loved about this day... First of all, Caitlin's choice of shoes were fabulous!

The bride's bouquet was created by a friend of hers and it turned out lovely!

So smart to have two garters, and awesome ones at that:)

I loved this moment right after Caitlin got her dress on. She started twirling and dancing about and her mom was all smiles!

The first look, tears already, so sweet.


Caitlin, you are one gorgeous bride!

So here we go:) I just love all these! This bridal party was wonderful and super fun! Dusty and Caitlin seem blessed with so many great friendships.

Apparently mismatched socks is something Dusty has been doing since he was a kid so it was only fitting to include this tradition of sorts in the wedding:)

A few things I loved about the ladies... Each girl had a different style dress AND each bouquet was uniquely different.

I don't think many brides get a portrait like this! I sure wish I had a similar one:)

And then the train came!!! This was such a fun moment, I was thrilled (and I think everyone else was too:)


We ran over to the reception site for a few last pictures before the ceremony. Nothing like a cute little pink cottage!

And then they were married!

Cute cake topper! A few of their engagement pictures included an umbrella so this was a great fit.

The reception was full of fun and laughter! The guys put together a great little number...

...and retrieving the garter turned into a full on fight!

It was so fun being able to celebrate and capture this day! Dusty and Caitlin, you are so adorable and I hope the best for you in all that is to come!

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  1. Rilie! Thank YOU so much for being a part of our day, and for capturing it so beautifully. We are so, so blessed to have had you guys there, and we LOVE the pictures!! Thank you so much! Yay!