Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trash The Dress

The day after Dusty and Caitlin got back from their honeymoon we shot their "trash the dress" session. Caitlin really wanted to have the shoot done at her family's home where she grew up and I found it to be the perfect choice! It was a wonderful desert/farm setting that included many horses and it made me so happy when Caitlin said she would get on one of them with her dress on! This WAS a trash the dress session BUT the dress was not necessarily harmed, although the horses did try to snag a few bites they never fully got away with it:) I love how these pictures turned out and I just love this couple!

I adore this shot.

This little kitty followed us around, didn't want the horses to get all the attention I guess:)

Aren't they just adorable!

We headed down the road to get a few shots with the mountains and got my favorite kind of kiss picture!

Dusty wanted to show off a little school pride! I hope Caitlin is not too upset that I included this shot...:)

This umbrella was used in some of their engagement photos so we used it for a few shots in this session.


Nothing like a great ending with two great shots! Loved capturing your love, Dusty and Caitlin!


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  2. I love these photos. The bride is absolutely gorgeous! The dress was perfect as were the shoes! Love, love, love!