Friday, March 4, 2011

The Coberly Family

I love to photograph this family for a few different reasons and I will share them with you. First of all they are my friends so taking their pictures is just fun! Another reason I love it is because almost three-year-old Charlotte is a hoot and does so many funny things during the shoot which makes for some great laughs and shots! And lastly, they all wear Chucks:)

This girl has so much personality, it's awesome!

Collin is a little more mellow than his big sis but he can also be lively!

He does put on a mean pouty face when he wants:)

These kids are super cute!

These two are classic:)

Had to snap a few of just mom and dad!

Collin just had his first birthday so we included a little session for him!

Thought this was adorable:) Looks like she is encouraging him to smile real good!

The little guy was getting sleeping at the end but he did great! Happy Birthday Collin and thanks Coberly family for being so fun to photograph!

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