Saturday, March 12, 2011

George and Heather - The Wedding

You know what they say about rain being good luck on your wedding day, well if that is the truth then these two have it made:) Even with the wet weather everything came together nicely and Heather was a calm and composed bride in the midst of all the changes. We were actually given one whole hour of dryness right after the ceremony and what a gift it was! The grounds were absolutely wonderful and it would have been a shame if we couldn't have taken advantage of them. The day turned out lovely, and even with wet feet on my part (literally not figuratively:) it was a joy to be a part of!

Love the details, Heather's choices were exquisite.


I loved the bridesmaids bouquets and red hair pieces.

AND heals:)

Just had to include this sweet moment of George and his sister!

The couple chose not to see each other until the ceremony.

After the couple were officially Mr. and Mrs. we set out in the gloriously dry weather for some group pictures. At this point I could hardly contain my happiness that the rain had finally stopped!

I think everyone was in high spirits as you can see:)

They were a great group and I LOVE this photo!

These two nailed the dip, so good!

And here is my personal favorite from the day! Thank you for letting me document your beautiful wedding newlyweds!


  1. Thanks so much, Rilie. I really love the way these turned out!!

  2. Rilie, Thanks for capturing Heather and George's beautiful day. I love these pictures and can't wait to see the rest.


  3. Dear Heather and Georges,
    What a joy for us to see these beautiful pictures! They are magnificent. You and George were awesome too.
    Nathalie, William, Chloé and Clément

  4. Heather and George,
    Absolutely beautiful pictures. What an incredible start to your new adventure together as husband and wife. Wish we could have been at the wedding.


    Sue and Brian Kenyon :)

  5. beautiful! brought such joy to my heart to see your special day. congrats! love you both and ejoy!