Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Baldrick's Event

Radical, my new favorite word and the one I will use to describe this event. It was an honor to document all the brave (and radical) souls who raised money for children with cancer then shaved their heads on this St. Patrick's Day. They proved that they care - pure selflessness! What made it super fun to witness was the fact that I personally know half of them. Last I heard they raised over $14,000 all together... incredible! They made a difference.

Lots of people came to support the shavees and even channel 3 was there!

Was great to see so many youngsters at the event:)

And let the shaving begin!

The wives decided to give it a go:)

Hallie helped to run this event and it was very emotional for her because three of the girls she has mentored were getting their heads shaved.

She performed the first cut on each of them.

Not only did these girls get money donations but they were also able to donate their hair!

There was lots of laughter, it was fun:)

Then it was the husband's turn:)

Love the reaction when she sees her new look for the first time:)

These ladies are beautiful inside and out!

There were some little volunteers last minute.

And some big ones:)

So pretty much the most amazing thing happened towards the end of this event. This little seven-year-old decided that she would shave her head because last year in her kindergarten class one of her classmates got cancer and is just now getting some of her hair to grow back. She decided that she would do this so the girl would not be alone... all I could do was watch in disbelief!

Look at those locks! Everyone was amazed at this child's act of love and selflessness.

Her brother performed the first cut.

Mom was very emotional (understandably) and the little one asked , "Are you crying mom?" Mom replied that they were tears of happiness.

Some of the other shavees gave her this cute little hairband.

It was such a neat moment!

And a final last minute shavee to end the event!

They had some fun with this one:)

Not only did these volunteers raise money but they were also influential to those around them who were watching. It was a St. Patrick's Day full of heroes and I will never forget it!

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