Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Fam!

It's not too often that you get to see my whole family on the blog:) It was such a treat to do this for myself! A few weeks back some of my siblings and I decided that it was time for some updated pictures of our family. One of my brothers and one of my sisters (I come from a family of nine kids) live with my husband, daughter, and I and we were in need of some new shots to fill our frames. I have brought along my two siblings and my husband Jake on a few photo shoots so it was nice to just pass around the camera and let everyone take a turn at snapping some pics. So here is some of what we got, enjoy!

We call Ivy our little goony at home:)

She's not exactly camera shy, more like she will do it her way:)

I must say, watching these two interact is one of my favorite things to do!

Then it was time for some uncle/aunt interacting!

Another brother of mine, Kale, was visiting us when we took the pictures. Ivy just loves them all!

Ivy Jane at her best!

OK, so uncle Brady has a special place in Ivy's heart. When he is home (which is not super often, he's a busy guy!) all Ivy wants to do is follow him around! Brady has said to me that he wants to be the kind of uncle that is a part of Ivy's life. She is one lucky niece!

And I'll tell ya, they take great pictures together:)

Ivy is also super fond of her aunt Camie. Camie works at Starbucks and Ivy loves to visit her and steal sips of her coffee when we are not looking...:) Living and growing up in the same house with these two has been such an awesome bonding experience for Ivy. I think she will always be close to these two and I love that!

Ivy was very happy to have uncle Kale around for a visit, as you can see!

This one will definitely get a frame on the wall!

I love these next shots of my younger sibs, they are a pretty funny bunch the three of them!

Brady "accidentally" knocked their heads together:)

I am so in love and thankful for my family. The way we live is not necessarily the norm but it's a pretty much a priceless way of doing it!

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