Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brad and Cambria - The Wedding

I was honored to be asked to come to Lodi, California to photograph Brad and Cambria's wedding. While driving around the day before the ceremony, I could hardly believe how beautiful the place was! Living in the desert I am not used to being surrounded by luscious landscapes and fields of vineyards; I was pretty much in photographer's heaven:) Even though we were given wet weather there were enough dry moments for us to take advantage of and use the incredible surroundings which I am still not over!

Cambria looked incredible!

Brad was looking pretty good himself:)

The couple's "first look". This one was different from any other I have photographed. Brad and Cambria had never kissed before this moment and this was Cambria's first kiss ever! I thought it was awesome that they had planned for their first kiss to take place at their "first look"...they will always have the pictures to remember this special moment.

At this point it was still pouring rain so we took advantage of our nice little dry spot and took some portraits of the soon-to-be newlyweds (with fingers crossed that the rain would soon die down!).

There were some super cute kids in the wedding party with super cute style:)

And what do you know, we ended up getting some relief from the rain at last!!

We had a few last moments of dry weather to use this vintage telephone booth before it was time to make our way to the church for the ceremony.

How adorable are these two!

And before you knew it they were married!

Once again we were given some more dry weather, best gift these two could get on their wet wedding day:)

What a glorious day it was indeed!

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  1. Amazing! I love every photo. Cambria and Brad this was a perfect day even with the rain. Your photography captured it all. Thanks for sharing.
    Kathy Frank