Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Braun Family

I have known the Braun family through church for many years. Keith and Nancy have four great kids and now three of them have great kids of their own:) I respect them for how they have raised their family and it is always a joy being around them! They all came together (from Kentucky and California to Arizona!) for a weekend of family time and they fit in a photo shoot. Now that there are two new babies in the mix it was time to document all 12 family members together!

Oh sweet grandkids!

This little missy has lots of spunk:)

Such proud grandparents, and they should be!

And the two newest additions, Lincoln and Raegan!

Aw, what a smile:) Just melts your heart!

Laney and her mom live the farthest from the family so it was important to get a shot with her grandparents.

Noah had some requests to be in some pictures with specific family members:)

Love this family!

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