Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chris and Alyssa are expecting!

You might recognize the Leon family if you have been following this blog for some time and now I am thrilled to announce that they are growing in numbers! They will be welcoming their baby boy towards the end of the summer making them a family of four. Little Amaya will be a very curious and loving big sister and I can't wait to capture those moments! In the meantime, it was fun to see the three of them talk and get excited about their soon-to-be new addition!

Cutie pie!

What a little sweetie!

Love the bubble lips:)

Mom and dad have picked out this name for the little guy.

Alyssa made this cute little prop for the shoot, always fun to have the client add a personal touch!

Love this shot because my little one does the same thing:) Soon mom will be juggling two little ones on her hip!

Love these of Alyssa and baby boy.

The next time I see this little face she will be a big sister! Can't wait to see you all with baby Mason!

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