Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sharp Family

The last time I photographed this family was 7 months ago when little Ezra was just a squirt, now he is a smiley, adorable little chunker with the best bright blue eyes that any photographer could ask for! This family is dear to my heart and it has been such great fun watching Grace and Jeremy become parents and enjoy all that it brings. My two year old daughter is especially fond of "baby Ezra" so it has been super fun for her to see his picture on my computer lately! I love this first shot of the fam but had to laugh that Jeremy looked away right when Ezra gave me a smirk:) I find it cute but oh just wait for the rest!

Love this:) We were all laughing pretty hard!

I kept saying that his eyes photograph so well and oh I was right!


He is loved and he knows it!

These just won my heart.

What a face Ezra boy!

He was definitely in chewing mode and this is too funny!

At the end of the shoot the fam had a little reading session with some of Ezra's favorite books.

Ezra, you get cuter every day, must give your parents all the credit:)

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  1. There are So many great ones of this family. I love it and he does have eyes that every photog would die for. Grace you guys are perfect