Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tis The Season

It has become a tradition in our Norton family of three to put up all of our Christmas decorations the night before Thanksgiving. Last night was seriously so much fun as we cranked up the Christmas music for the first time (yes I am one of those:) and then proceeded to jolly up our new home. It was crazy cute watching Ivy stare in wonder as we lit up the tree and she proclaimed, "It's beautiful!". She was so into every little bit which made it that much more fun! It was wonderful waking up to watch the parade and coming downstairs to such a festive site! Our first Thanksgiving in our new home was a dream, truly.

Love getting the holiday mugs out for a bit of hot coco!

Growing up we had a stash of Christmas books that I was always so excited to get out of the box each year. I have started a nice little collection for Ivy and she has the most perfect little place to read them.

The girl sure does enjoy her wooden nativity set, knew it was a good find the moment I saw it!

First ornament I got Ivy the Christmas I was expecting her:)

It's just too tempting not to touch!

Can you tell she was overjoyed?!

Thanking God for these two! Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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