Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trip to Nashville 2011

I just returned a few days ago from visiting my sister and her family in what I like to call the fall wonderland! The last time we came to Nashville was May of 2010 and this time around we wanted to experience a true autumn in all its glory and we got just that:) As we were about to land on the flight over my daughter and I were peering out the window and were in awe of all the glorious colors! Being an Arizonan we just are not used to seeing it and what a treat it was!

Since our last trip my sister and brother-in-law have purchased their first home and it was full of character and fit them well.

My nephew Rock and my daughter Ivy are only three weeks apart, totally love seeing them together.

My sister Sonnie is expecting a baby girl in January and during our visit I threw her a baby shower. I enjoyed planning this party and was super thankful for the help I received from some of Sonnie's friends!

I made some miniature bouquets to give the guests to say thanks!

Pretty much the cutest cupcakes ever! Can't take credit for these beauties, my sister knows some pretty great people:)

Our younger sister Camie came and surprised Sonnie the day of the shower! She is the pretty lady on the right:)

And here is a belly shot of little lady Shay (that's what we call her since they are keeping the name a secret:). I took some family/maternity pictures of Sonnie, Phil and Rock and will be featuring them soon!

We even got a family picture in the midst of it all! My daughter was a chef for Halloween and we had a great time trick-or-treating in actual cold weather:) It was good to visit with family and oh how I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings!

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