Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Harper!

It's sometimes hard to believe how fast the first year of a child's life flies by. I took pictures of Harper from the very beginning and now he is one, incredible! It was awesome getting to see this little guy since he and his parents moved out of state quite a while ago. It was convenient that he was back in town on his birthday so we could do his 1 year shoot!

Momma Sarah was flying solo on this trip with Harper cause dad couldn't leave his schooling, he was missed but will have some great shots of his wife and boy to place on his desk now:)

We used these little Toms shoes in the maternity shoot, now they fit his growing feet!

And it's a good thing cause this boy loves to run!

The only time during our shoot that Harper stood still was when we came across these beauties. Someone already has a green thumb I think!

Sarah brought along a little cupcake for Harper to chow down on to celebrate his first Birthday!

Happy Birthday Harper! Loved seeing you both!

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