Saturday, February 18, 2012

Latvian Doll

Back in 2006 my husband Jake and I (we were dating at the time) went on a mission trip to Latvia with a group of high school students from our church. I found out recently that my younger brother Kale is going there this summer on a similar mission trip and I am so excited for him! I found it fitting in light of that news to post something Latvia related:) So back to 2006...Jake and I knew at that point that we wanted to get married and while looking at souvenirs one afternoon in a town called Riga we came across a little paper doll set that we just had to purchase for our future daughter. Totally not joking, somehow we knew one day that we would have our little Ivy:) I have had it tucked away for the past 6 years and now that Ivy is at an age where she understands what it means to be gentle I decided it was time to bring her out. Oh was Ivy thrilled to play with her first paper doll! I tried to explain to her the history and importance of this little lady but she kept interrupting me and asking that I begin to cut out the different outfits so I obliged:) It was such a sweet little moment of play and of course I had to document it a bit so here she is coloring the first paper outfit...

I am so glad that Jake and I purchased this doll those years ago, such a fun little piece of our history!

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