Friday, February 10, 2012

A Happy Heart

It's February which means there are a lot of heart shaped candy in the stores, rose ads showing up in Groupon, and my daughter is learning what it means to love God with all her heart in Sunday school class (hence the beautiful art work, please notice the limbs she created for her heart cut outs:) This particular Valentine season I cannot help but think of 4 year-old Cora; around this time last month she had a heart transplant. After the surgery there were a few complications and some scary moments but now we are celebrating because Cora was discharged from the hospital and is home! There is definitely still a long road of recovery ahead for this little lady but it is so wonderful to know that things have begun to move in the right direction. I am thanking God for this answer to our prayers and my hope is that we will be seeing Cora in Sunday school class making paper heart crafts along with the other kids real soon:)

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