Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Atwood kids

These three siblings come from a long line of earth loving people on both sides of the family. From relatives who lived on a farm in Wisconsin to those who have chickens in their backyard in Mesa. Their dad gardens in his own backyard; he is actually the one responsible for planting the love of gardening in my husbands heart:) It is in the Atwood blood so I found it fitting to do this shoot on a farm-a citrus farm. I think it was a lovely match!

Maxine is the youngest at age 5. She is a sweet little girl who loves to wear pretty dresses as you can see.

7 year old Daniel takes charge of the situation so I noticed. When his sisters need help... he's got it.

Evangeline (known as Evan) is a bright young lady with some beautiful eyes!

This is for you Rob (aka dad) - Your little future gardeners.

Having a sister is a gift. You two are blessed!

Meet Blacky, the family pup who came along and stole the show for a few shots! I just love the names kids give their dogs!

Evan made a comment that this reminded her of The Boxcar Children book series.

Someone was a little overexcited about his orange:)

After the shoot the kids were happy to eat my props I brought along. I actually have never seen kids be so excited to eat oranges in my life! You would have thought I just handed over a whole barrel of ice cream and said "free for all"! At least that is what would have excited me when I was a kid... Apparently these guys have it together with their healthy eating excitement. Good job mom and dad:)

Here is Daniel taking charge of the situation, he was quite the peeler.

I love these shots of them digging in!

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