Thursday, April 15, 2010

My girl is almost one...!

One months from today Ivy will be a one year old... wow! I was contemplating that fact while the two of us were hanging out and it hit me hard. It has only taken eleven months for my helpless little newborn to become this interactive mobile tot. Each and every day has gotten better and better as my love for her grows just as fast as she does. I thought love couldn't get any deeper than the day I first saw my precious Ivy Jane, but oh how it can and does! Becoming a mom has been incredible, she has changed me. Here are a few moments that are so sweet to me. These are moments that Ivy and I share every day as she crawls, plays, practices her walking and lights up when I call her name. These are the best moments of my life.

Wasn't it just yesterday...

I found Ivy's newborn hat as I was rummaging through her head bands, now it only fits dog dog.

One month from today... Am I in denial that this is happening? No. I think it's more of a shock that time has passed so quickly. I never really noticed it before Ivy came along but now that I have this little one that grows before my eyes, I see it. So this is what I am going to do, I will embrace the fact that my baby will be one and we are going to celebrate this first glorious year! Each stage of her little life has been better than the one before it and I get to look forward to all that is ahead of us. Oh Ivy, I can not believe you are big enough to throw your clothes all over your room... and yet I love it!

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