Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Gianna

It was so wonderful being able to visit with Chelsea and Hudson and to meet their new little addition! Chelsea and I met at a conference in Colorado when we were 16. Her and her family moved to Arizona from Connecticut not long after that. We have now been through marriage (both on May 31st:) and babies together and it has been great to stay connected. Hudson is in the Air Force and they are now residing in Las Vegas which is where baby Gianna made her debut! I think a little girl is just perfect for these two!

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement:) Such a sweet nursery!

It was great seeing Chelsea be a mom. I think she was made to do this job:)

I adore these next two shots! There is something so beautiful between a mother and daughter.

There is nothing sweeter than a daddy with his baby girl!

This little dress was worn by Chelsea's little sisters. She is very close to them so it was special to have Gianna wear it.

Too cute for words:)

I just love the expressions that come to parents' faces when caring for their newborn:)

Little missy needed a break. She was really eyeing the toys hanging from her swing.

Look at you, big girl! Already holding your head up so well!

Little baby wrinkles are the cutest kind!

So happy for you Graham family!

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