Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Las Vegas

This is my interpretation of the city, bright and always moving! We came for a few different reasons, one of them not being to spend much time on the strip especially with a one year old! My husband's parents were kind enough to bring my daughter Ivy along with them on the flight, while my husband and I drove, and it ended up being a nice arrangement for all of us (Ivy gets car sick so we didn't have to deal with that and I am pretty sure grandma and grandpa had a super fun flight because of one squealy little girl:)! Ivy really enjoyed spending some quality time with her grandparents. I snapped this shot of the three of them while we were out shopping.

We ventured out into the heat quite a bit and it was all very worth it! A friend of ours is on the Las Vegas 51's and we were able to enjoy a few games while we were there.

The only time we did spend on the strip was in the car. Mixing the heat with the long walk was not such a good idea... I must say that I was in awe of the grander of it all! Here are a few sites I enjoyed viewing.

Driving over the Hover Dam was pretty incredible and the grander here was exciting as well! A bridge over the dam is in the process of being built and it was amazing!

A wonderful added bonus to our little trip was visiting with friends from the area who just became new parents. I had the privilege of photographing their little sweetheart so be on the look out for the full post of baby Gianna!

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  1. I think I've spent far too much time in Vegas already this summer. That place is crazy.