Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Abbiatti Family

Look at this family, aren't they cute?! And I didn't even tell them to do what they are doing here, just goes to show that sometimes it is the candid shots that make a truly great portrait:) Kirsten warned me early on that I will have my hands full trying to get a decent portrait of all of them but I told her not to worry and as you will see she didn't need to at all! Kids will be kids and even in the midst of that there is always a second or two in-between that they will sit still and give a smile. Most of the time I end up liking the silly pictures the best anyway and I know that each family cherishes the shots where their kids personality shines through!

I am pretty sure I was singing "twinkle twinkle" while this shot was taken. Worked like a charm!

What a pretty girl and she LOVED the camera! (and the camera loved her:)

Love this one!

What a sweet little boy! He is going to have fun with two older sisters!

It was time for a little break and he was off!

Dayn decided to entertain the little ones in preparation for a few more photos, she did a great job:)

And then they were ready for this shot, good one!

Tessa was just about done... until dad cheered her up!

At the end of the session the kids got a treat which made for some great shots!

That just about sums it up:)

Had to throw in this last picture just for Dayn, she requested it since she had just gotten her nails done the night before. You all did so wonderfully!

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