Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ronny and Donna - The Wedding

These first two shots describe the relationship of this couple pretty well I might say. They were so sweet to each other, Ronny's tenderness towards Donna was just adorable but then there was also a fun side that came out every now and then that told you these two were best friends (can you see Donna is sticking out here tongue at Ronny in the second shot?:) It was very enjoyable being in the company of these two all day and what a relief it was to have such lovely weather on 10-10-10! The day started off right with the arrival of these beauties!

This little flower girl reminded me so much of my daughter from the looks to the outgoing personality! She was so entertaining as the ladies were preparing, I could hardly take my camera off of her:)

The little ring-bearer had the cutest smile once he warmed up to the idea of getting his picture taken:)

Love this shot.

Donna, you looked lovely!

The flowers girls were just too funny with all their attempts at giving a natural looking smile!


I ran into the barn real quick before the ceremony began to get a glimpse at the reception decor and I liked what I saw!


I think they are pretty happy:)

Love this moment with Donna's dad right after the ceremony.

Then they were off! I thought it was great that the newlyweds got some alone time right after the ceremony in the horse drawn carriage, so romantic!

Your wedding was beautiful, thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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