Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jeremy and Grace are expecting!

These two have been good friends to me and my husband for some time now and can I just say that I am beyond thrilled to meet their baby boy! Little Ezra will be joining the Sharp family around the end of this month (maybe sooner, you never know right Grace??!). They were close by while we went through the awesome experience of becoming parents not too long ago. I could always tell that Grace was genuinely happy for us so now it's my turn to feel that way for you, soon-to-be momma! I think the picture below is my favorite from the shoot but then again this is only the beginning of the post so I should not be too quick to make that decision:)

Grace, you sure make one cute mom-to-be!

After their ultrasound and finding out that baby Sharp was a boy, Grace made a book and included all of the shots they got that day of Ezra. It contains his first official photo shoot pics:)


No doubt about it, Jeremy is pretty stoked to meet his boy!

Another LOVE!

These two are hilarious, Ezra is going to have fun with them for sure:)

Seriously, so excited to meet your son, Grace and Jeremy! This one is also in the running for a favorite so I thought it would be a good ending:)

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